Professional Staffing



Dexian Brasil uses different methods and tools to make the search for professionals who fit the client’s demands more agile; provides the training and materials required for the role and monitors the professional’s performance with the client.

The goal:

Complementation of infrastructure teams with the search, identification and allocation of professionals, based on the required technical and behavioral profile and in accordance with the client’s culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Indicators and SLA:

Professional delivery to start in 5 days. Evaluation for 3 consecutive years as the best service provider (97% approval)



Benefits for the customer:

  • Benefits for the customer:
  • Increased productivity in IT projects;
  • Recruitment efficiency;
  • Flexibility in the hiring process;
  • Support in the remote management of professionals through techniques and tools from Dexian Brasil;
  • Greater focus by managers on technical issues.