Our locations

Putting Black Sky Thinking on the map

Dexian brings together people, technology, and organisations at 86 locations worldwide.

We are a true global business partner, delivering bespoke and unrivalled services to organisations and people, no matter where they are.


Our locations

Curitiba (PR)

Rua Heitor Stockler de França, 396 – Room 2301
Centro Cívico – Curitiba/PR
[email protected]

Porto Alegre (RS)

Av. Farrapos, 3857
Floresta – Porto Alegre/RS
[email protected]

Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Av. Rio Branco, 115, sala 2001
Centro, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
[email protected]

Sao Paulo (SP)

R. Bela Cintra, 1200 – 1st Floor
Cerqueira César – São Paulo/SP
[email protected]