DISYS Consultants Win 7th Consecutive Training Apex Award

Innovative training and development program established foundation for integration and continued success McLean, VA, February 21, 2023 – Signature Consultants (Signature), a Digital ...

Innovative training and development program established foundation for integration and continued success

McLean, VA, February 21, 2023 – Signature Consultants (Signature), a Digital Intelligence Systems (DISYS) Company, was recently awarded the Training APEX Award for the seventh consecutive year. APEX award winners are organizations with the most successful employee learning and development programs in the world, as determined by Training magazine.

“It is a great honor to again be recognized by Training magazine for our training and career development program,” said Brad Rosen, VP of Training & Development for Signature Consultants. “This award is special to us because it not only highlights how our focus on training and development has become a core part of our successful operations, but it also shines a spotlight on how our training and development program stacks up beyond the staffing industry, across a variety of companies and industries throughout the world.”

Maruf Ahmed, President and COO of DISYS, explained that after DISYS acquired Signature in 2021, the new enterprise incorporated Signature’s proprietary training and development program to establish a common operating model that helped integrate the two organizations and align their cultures. “This foundation provided us with an ecosystem of continuous learning, support, and mentorship that helps ensure consistent training and a clearly defined career development journey for all of our employees,” he said.

The program has proven success and has given the new enterprise the flexibility to hire candidates with no industry experience and develop them into professionals who understand the corporate culture, earn promotions more quickly, and achieve their career milestones. This helps the company retain a growing base of engaged and productive employees who stay with the company, contributing to the organization’s dynamic growth.

As evidenced by the company’s performance enduring the challenges of an uncertain economic environment, Ahmed contends that the training and development program helped align the organizations’ focus and fuel an increase in revenue. Last year DISYS saw double-digit year-over-year growth with revenues now exceeding $1 billion across the full enterprise.

The Training APEX Awards’ is based on myriad benchmarking statistics and a range of qualitative and quantitative factors, including total training budget, scope, and percentage of payroll; detailed formal and informal training programs; and training linked to business goals and outcomes Formerly the Training Top 100, the awards have been the training industry’s premier recognition of achievement for more than 20 years.

About Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)

Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), with a portfolio that includes Signature Consultants, D2M, and LinTech Global, is a global IT and workforce solutions firm with over 70 offices worldwide. DISYS’ vision is to be a global business partner, delivering the highest quality and most consistent services at the best value to both private and public sector clients worldwide. Offering customized, outcome-driven solutions from IT staffing to direct placement services to managed solutions and consulting, DISYS annually deploys thousands of consultants to innovate, deploy, manage, and support their clients’ technology needs. For more information about DISYS, visit www.disys.com.

About Training

Training magazine is the leading business publication for learning, development and human resources professionals. It has been the ultimate resource for innovative learning and development—in print, in person, and online—for more than 55 years. For more information on the APEX Awards and the magazine visit www.trainingmag.com.


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