Importance of a True Brand

It is really an exciting time right now, for me personally and for our company. There is a tremendous ...

It is really an exciting time right now, for me personally and for our company. There is a tremendous amount energy and enthusiasm around the launch of the Dexian brand and the responses we have received from our employees, clients, and consultants have been invigorating.

This milestone marks a significant moment in our company’s history. As we prepared for this important phase of our journey, we knew we needed to create something special to represent how we have evolved, who we have become, and the potential that we have to truly deliver something exceptional.

So much more than just a new name or new look. An authentic brand.

For us, it was important that our brand be authentic and represent our company and culture and align with the needs of our stakeholders. We felt that it was important that our new brand not only honors the strong legacies of our foundation companies, but also inspires a new beginning and showcases our exciting future. Our company values served as our starting point (integrity, transparency, ingenuity, authenticity, and empathy), then we moved onto defining the needs of our stakeholders through extensive research and feedback gathering.

Our new name and brand represent the progression of our company, the needs of our constituents, and the expansion of our platform of solutions and capabilities. Through organic growth, innovation, and strategic acquisitions, we have truly evolved. I believe we are uniquely positioned in the industry and have traveled well beyond traditional relationships to become even more valued as trusted workforce experts and advisors for our clients.

In the business for good.

Right after the launch of Dexian, I visited several of our offices on the East Coast. These visits give me the opportunity to meet with our teams, answer questions, learn about their challenges, and celebrate their successes. This time it was even more rewarding to be there with them, to witness their enthusiasm for what Dexian means for our company, the industry, and their careers.

I strongly believe that people are our greatest asset. This belief extends beyond our employees, consultants, and clients to encompass our families, friends, and our communities. That is why I am particularly proud of our company philosophy and noble purpose, “In the business for good.” If we can do right by our colleagues, our clients, our families, and our communities then we will be in the business for good.

That was our goal and it served as our guiding light during the development of Dexian. We knew we were onto something special because we invested the time and did the research. It is certainly reassuring that Dexian has been well received with such enthusiasm, but I assure you, this is only the beginning.